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Chris Orr

Chris started in his early years as a fisherman. He spent the next two years catching nothing. It was a source of embarrassment for both himself and his father.

His lack of fishing capability put an immense strain on their relationship. So Chris took a bold move. He took the pocket money from his piggy bank and paid the drunk old semi-retired fisherman down at the harbour in his home town in the North West of England to give him two sharks. That’s right. Not one. But two. He went home, told his family that he’d had a great day on the shore, and provided them with enough fish for dinner.

His parents took one look at the sharks and ordered Chinese. That was the point where Chris realised the art of sales involved more than just selling – you could get Chinese, without asking for it.

It was a turning point. A light bulb moment. And that’s why he’s working with us. Simples.

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